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What Should A Beginner Know About Band Saw Uses?

Around 219 years ago, the world had introduced us with the band saw. After that invention, the wood experts are implanting this technology for polishing their outcome. Consequently; the modern furniture industry has able to provide their creative creature, to our office, home, kitchen, and business place.

Moreover, the use of band saw has increased 30x than the previous time, for its versatile usability. For explaining the phrase “versatile usability,” we have created some sections.

In those portions, the band saw uses would be discussed thoroughly. As a result, the beginner will get a precise idea. So, let’s cut the chase right off the bat.

What Are The Band Saw Functions In The Woodworking Industry?

The first portion will describe the different types of band saw use. For that, we have selected five examples for better understanding.

And they are:

  • Smooth Curving

For ensuring well-designed woodwork, every expert needs soft curving. And band saw can serve that efficiently, by making less dust. Additionally, it saves time.

For example, a woodworker can curve five or more items at once with a band saw because the teeth can bend the various timber, lumber, and logs smoothly. Not only that but also cuts a circle accurately, which other jigsaw or chain saw cannot do.

  • Lumber Clipping

Besides, this machine can process any wood piece into an expected size. Such as; a large-sized wood piece that can produce a maximum amount of wood by a band saw. On the other hand, machines like top jigsaw, top chainsaw, cannot generate the utmost amount of wood pieces.

Instead, they eat up a considerable number of woods. As a result, a creator needs extra wood for creating the expected furniture or sculpture. That’s why the experts prefer this machine for cutting any sized timber.

  • Notch Clipping

Another most fascinating function of the band saw is notch clipping. For this uses, many experts have adopted this machine as their primary cutting tool. Because, other tools keep their foot-mark behind the wood, after cutting the nick. But this tool shows freshness after cutting off a notch, in the front and reverse part.

  • Book-Matching Cut

The next one is a very critical cutting technique. Because this one makes a wood piece into two-part like an open book. For making this, other tools create massive wastage, and they have no accuracy. However, the band saw does not create any wastage and reduce efficiency at the time of applying the technique.

  • Leftover Wood Piece Cutting

And the final and most appreciated function of the benchtop band saw is cutting the leftover lumber, for renewable purposes. For example, the surplus of a wood piece can be used for making the box, showpieces, etc. For creating this, the leftover wood should be sized in a better way. The band saw can only perform this.

At the time of doing this, the machine can balance its accuracy and smoothness. For that reason, all the eye-catching showpieces are made from scratch. Apart from earlier said things, there are many uses of a band saw. For a newbie, the more before-mentioned uses are enough to start their woodworking career.

At the beginning of a newbie woodworker career, it is essential to know how to use a band saw. And the using techniques for a beginner will be illustrated in the later part.

The Band Saw Using Techniques

  • First clean the entire group saw, in this way the cutting will get a meaning.
  • Second, choose an appropriate blade because proper size blading can produce the expected cut.
  • Third, maintain the proper level of tension after choosing the right blade. And it is the main factor for ensuring an excellent cut.
  • After completing that, it’s time to set the blade guides. Usually, there are two blade guides in a band saw: the first one stays at the top and the second one stays at a lower position.
  • Then, balance the blade guard. Through this way, a user can set how much blade is needed for a small or large size woodcut.
  • And finally, plug the machine with an electric socket and enjoy the smooth cutting.

In this way, a newbie can perform its first cutting and can learn the primary uses of the band saw. With this process, the user will gain expertise. During the time of achieving expertise, there are vast chances of health risk. That’s why it’s essential to know about the safety plan before the band saw using. And the forthcoming section will illustrate the safety tips.

Before going to the band saw safety tips section, you can take a tour about what is the difference between Scroll Saw and Band Saw? Which one should pick as a newbie?

Band Saw Safety Tips

  • Using googles can save the beginner’s eye from injury.
  • As well as, a mask can be safe the user from a respiratory problem.
  • Since the machine produces vast sounds, there is a chance of a hearing problem, that why an earbud can save the ear.
  • Wearing gloves and save the hands from grievous hurt.
  • Caps can save the hair from dust pollution.
  • Don’t wear any jewelry at the time of working.
  • Complete a detailed observation before getting into the work.

By following the safety tips, a newbie can grow its skill on the band saw operating without a hitch. And we believe, maintaining a prudent step can not only increase the ability but also saves a life.


With that saying, we can wrap up our article “Things a beginner should know about the band saw uses in the woodworking industry.” Through the entire informational and instructional content, we tried to give a precise idea about band saw uses.

And believe that, a newbie has got the essential ingredients for starting its woodworking career. Moreover, we believe, there is much other information for a beginner on the internet. By combining that, they can easily prepare themselves.

Also in another article, I have discussed details with step by step guidelines about budget friendly band saw buying tips.

So, let us know what we have missed or should include in our articles. Because this website owner aims to provide the proper value, and the readers’ support can make it happen ideally. Thanks for reading the article.

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