Coocheer Chainsaw Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

A chainsaw is an efficient tool that is designed for cutting numerous types of trees or woods without much effort. Not for felling trees only, but you can use a chainsaw for pruning small branches of trees also. This particular tool is faster, equips enough power, rigid, and able to bear lots of pressure.

We indeed picked out chainsaws from coocheer since this brand is highly reliable, versatile, and might last up to years easily. If you want to gather some knowledge concerning this brand, you should check out our coocheer chainsaw reviews.



COOCHEER 20'' Chainsaw with Tool-Kit takes the front position in our top-priority list. It equips a powerful 62cc engine with a 3.5 HP motor. Also, it can save up to 20% fuel with ease. Compare with typical choices, its chain is 5x stronger. To enhance your portability as well as minimize user fatigue, it includes only 15.4 pounds of weight with a comfortable handle.

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In a nutshell, you can accomplish most of your wood-cutting tasks with the assistance of a chainsaw. But, you have to check out the brand, models as well as features since all of the chainsaw is not able to make your job perfect. Our reviews will help you to get a clear idea concerning coocheer chainsaws. If you face with confusion after reading the in-depth reviews, you can check out the buying guide section, which is packed with core factors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power Type: Gasoline.
  • Engine: 62cc 2-Cycle.
  • Motor: 3.5 Horsepower.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • RPM: 8500.
  • Item Weight: 15.4 lbs.
COOCHEER 20'' Chainsaw 62CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saws with 2 Chains, Tool Kit, Carring Bags for Cutting Trees, Wood

COOCHEER 20'' 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

Our very first choice from coocheer chainsaw reviews goes to this particular brand. It is powerful, reliable, versatile, and loaded with some unique features. Let's see what it offers!

COOCHEER 20'' Chainsaw with Tool-Kit includes a 62cc 2-cycle engine that is quite powerful compare with similar options. Besides, it equips a 3.5 HP motor in order to take lots of pressure.

Thankfully, it can save up to 20% of fuel, for which you can run this for long by including just a minimal amount of petrol. It uses a high-quality chain that is 5x stronger than the typical one. The way of starting-up this tool is totally hassle-free. It weighs only 15.4 pounds that you can carry with your single hand only.

The primary handle is rubber-molded that enhances user comfort. Furthermore, you will get an additional handle to make a firm grip, and luckily, they all are slip-resistant.

The maximum engine speed is around 8500 RPM that is more than enough to cut trees, woods, and a variety of things. The capacity of fuel is up to 550ml. Along with the tool, you will get a piece of guide bar, storage bag, fuel mixing bottle, and a couple of necessary ingredients.


  • Engine with great power.
  • Average fuel capacity.
  • High-quality chain.
  • Saves around 20% fuel.
  • Comfy grip with slip-resistant.


  • Flimsy plastic base!

Highlighted Features:

  • Power Type: Gasoline.
  • Engine: 58cc 2-Stroke.
  • Motor: 3.5 Horsepower.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • RPM: 8500.
  • Item Weight: 15.43 lbs.
COOCHEER 58CC Gas Chainsaws, 3.5HP Guide Board Chainsaw Gasoline Powered Handheld Cordless Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw, 20_Inch Chainsaw for Farm, Garden and Ranch (Red Black)

COOCHEER 20" 58CC Gas Power Chainsaw

COOCHEER Chainsaw Company has manufactured this model, which might be a great addition to your DIY activities. It includes a 58cc 2-stroke engine that is pretty fast and able to hold enough torture.

This particular chainsaw performs very well since it offers a 3.5 HP motor. Like our previous model, you can get a speed of up to 8500 RPM. Its 15.43 pounds of weight is another advantage for those who want to hold it with ease.

For more convenience, you can get a foam-padded grip that is slip-resistant as well as comfortable. The 20-inch bar is able to bear a higher temperature, for which you can use it anytime or any weather. It provides less vibration, luckily.

The unique thing? It includes an effective air filter system, for which dust or debris cannot enter into the engine. The automatic chain oiler is more than enough to keep the chainsaw in better condition. Moreover, the chain is free from rusting issues, even if you are using it for years.

It won't take a lot of time to install, and most importantly, the process of installation is pretty simple. The easy-to-use knob ensures a quick and easy start-up. If you find any issues after using it, make sure to take assistance from the coocheer chainsaw customer service.


  • Able to bear lots of pressure.
  • Includes an effective air filter.
  • Less chance of rusting.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Ease of use.


  • The quality of the chain brake is not so good!

Highlighted Features:

  • Power Type: Gasoline.
  • Engine: 58cc 2-stroke.
  • Length of Bar: 20-inch.
  • Fuel Capacity: 550 ml.
  • RPM: 8500.
  • Item Weight: 17.16 lbs.
Yiilove 20" 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw 2 Stroke Handed Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw for Cutting Wood with Tool Kit (Red)

Yiilove 20" 58CC Gas Power Chainsaw with Tool Kit

We highly recommend this model for those who are in search of the best coocheer chainsaw. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy to ensure ultimate durability, and most importantly, it is as cheap as chips compared with similar types of chainsaw.

Like our previous model of COOCHEER, it is powered by a 58cc engine with 2-stroke motors to accomplish the wood-cutting task successfully. It also minimizes around 20% fuel consumption, which will be an advantage for those who are tight on cash.

The air filter system is designed to keep your chainsaw's engine away from unnecessary dust or debris. As a result, it will last for long. For more permanency, it equips an automatic chain oiler.

The size of the bar is 20-inch, as usual. Since it includes adequate amounts of power, you will be able to cut numerous types of woods at a stretch. Along with the power, it comes with an ergonomic design, especially the grip is pretty smooth and comfortable to use. Thanks to the coocheer chainsaw manufacturer to offer us such type of tools.


  • Cheap as chips.
  • Saves enough fuel.
  • Keeps the engine away from dust through the air filter.
  • It cuts several types of woods.
  • Ergonomic design with a foam-padded grip.


  • The power button is placed in an awkward area!

COOCHEER Chainsaw Buying Guide

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to note down a few things when it comes to buying a coocheer chainsaw. Although most of the chainsaws from COOCHEER include power, durability, and reliability, you still have to consider the core factors if you want to get the best one effortlessly. Our buying guide will help you to get the chainsaw that suits your needs.

Factors to Keep in Mind before Buying the Coocheer Chainsaw

  • Power Type

Before any purchase, you have to consider the type that you want to buy. The market indeed has got 3 types of chainsaws, including gasoline, electric, and battery-powered.

If you are someone who needs a chainsaw to accomplish heavy-tasks, there is no better option than the gasoline type. This is why we only included chainsaws that get power through oil and petrol. By getting this type of saws, you will be able to cut bulky trees, heavy woods, or other hard objects related to wood.

  • Engine and Motor

Without a doubt, the engine and motor is the most necessary feature that you have to consider. A chainsaw gets the power through a motor and engine to cut a variety of things. In case you buy a saw that consists of a weak engine, you will be unable to complete heavy-tasks!

Our premium pick COOCHEER 20'' Chainsaw with Tool-Kit will help you to get your desired result since it equips a 62cc engine along with a 3.5 HP motor.

  • Weight

Yes, weight plays a significant role, you know how? A chainsaw with a lightweight design will allow you to hold this tool for hours and hours without any fatigue. So, if you buy a saw with a bulky structure, it will be very challenging to work for long!

This is why you have to pick up a model that includes a lightweight design so that you can easily maneuver that particular tool. The weight between 15-18 lbs is counted as pretty much decent, so ensure to choose between them.

  • Handle

As a craftsman, you might have to work with your chainsaw on a daily basis. So, alongside the lightweight design, the gripping area should be much comfortable, otherwise, your hands will get fatigued within a few minutes only!

We suggest choosing the COOCHEER Gas Power Chainsaw – 58cc that offers a foam-padded grip to enhance your comfort while sawing.

  • Durable

We all know that a flimsy base will be unable to bear heavy loads. As you have to deal with big-sized trees more often, it is necessary to have a chainsaw that is made of high-quality materials. Ours Yiilove Chainsaw with Tool Kit – 58cc won't disappoint in this particular matter, as it comes with an aluminum alloy structure for assuring durability.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity

It will be so irritating to fill the fuel tank often and often. Consider picking up a saw that comes with a fuel capacity of around 550ml, or at least 450ml. It will be a wise decision to go with a chainsaw that saves fuel consumption.

What Chainsaw Safety Tips Should Follow?

Of course, you have to maintain adequate safety while running a chainsaw or this type of power tool. If you don't know the proper way of using it or not aware of the safety tips, you might have to end up with serious injuries or even death! Note down the following things if you do not want to throw caution to the end:

  • Put on safety dresses, including gloves, headphones, goggles, head protection, masks, and cut-resistant boots.
  • If you are a beginner, then you should not run this tool with max speed.
  • Try to use both hands in order to ensure a firm grip.
  • Check out the whole area where you are going to smash some trees or other things.
  • Kickback might occur at any time. In that case, turn it off and check out the chainsaw's chain. If you find everything okay, you can restart the tool.
  • Don't go over the height of your shoulder when it comes to cutting big-sized trees.


  • Are coocheer chainsaws any good?

Of course, COOCHEER chainsaws are one of the handiest as well as versatile tools that are mainly designed for chopping up a variety of woods without much effort. The coocheer chainsaw manufacturer has used a powerful engine, durable base, and a lot of more unique things to make it one of the most popular brands out there in the market.

  • Is it necessary to maintain a chainsaw?

Yes, it is a wise decision to provide some maintenance after using your chainsaw. You have to oil the chain and holes, wipe off the guide bar area, as well as the chain. Always make sure to focus on the teeth's sharpness. By maintaining your chainsaw in a proper way, you will be able to use it for years, hopefully.

  • What is the right way of operating a chainsaw?

If you are very new in the field of sawing, it will be a bit tough to run a chainsaw. This is why you can follow the link below to get a clear idea of operating it:

  • How long does a chainsaw last?

It depends on the uses. But, if you take care of your chainsaw and provides sufficient maintenance, it might last for 10-30 years, hopefully.

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