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How Tight Should A Chainsaw Chain Be? | Factors and Fixes

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The applications of chainsaw help to reduce efforts. The users can easily cut different wood objects using this machine. But with a bad chain tension, the process hampers severely. Thereby, knowing to tight the chain is the best way. Remember one thing, good quality or professional chainsaw is not good enough for cutting wood or trees if your chainsaw chain has bad tension or loosen.

So, How Tight Should A Chainsaw Chain Be?

Well, you will have all the answers here. The remaining part will describe making the right stretch of the chain. Before moving into the topic, let’s get some prior ideas. It will help in making the chain tightening process more straightforward.

Why A Chainsaw Chain Loses Tension?

There are no specific answers to this question. This is natural that the chainsaw chain will lose its tension gradually. After every operation, the chain needs maintenance. Or it loses its strength. As a direct result, the chain becomes loose and comes out of the bar.

The sagging state makes the future operation tougher. Even the use of such chains can cause personal injury too. When you are using the chainsaw, the chain will come out of the bar. Or it may tear up into parts causing damages to you. This is risky, isn’t it?

What Is The Standard Maintenance Process?

Experts opine that regular maintenance will resolve the issue. In this case, the users are to tighten the chain right after every use. Often it becomes nearly impossible to manage time for such minor maintenances. People are too busy to care for their chainsaw chains.

Therefore, as a user, you need to tighten the chain at least once a week, or once in a fortnight.

How Tight Should A Chainsaw Chain Be?

The perfect tension or tightness of a chain saw should be slightly stretched. When you pull the chain, three/ fourth of the drive links will appear. When you stop pulling the chain, it will go back on the former space instantly.

But when you pull down a chain with bad tension, you can see the difference. The chain will not get back into the position. Besides, the chain will hang around the bar. So, working with the chainsaw becomes tough.

So, you need to check the tension in a person. Accordingly, you can see the difference between a perfect chain and the one with bad tension.

How To Tighten A Chainsaw Chain?

Tightening a chainsaw chain is a simple process. Anyone can do it quickly. To perform this particular operation, you will need the following things.

  • A Long Screwdriver
  • Nut Opener

What Are The Tightening Process Of A Chainsaw Chain?

In the beginning, you have to place the chainsaw to any flat surface. Then remove the nuts beside those are holding the chain bar. To some points, you may lose the nut instead of removing them completely.

The chainsaw experts recommend loosening the nuts slightly. Taking them off will help you adjust the screws inside the board. Once you are done with this, move for the next step.

Now use the long screwdriver to tighten the screw inside. But at this point, you need to remain careful. Make sure you are tightening the screw up to the mark. If you stretch it more, the chainsaw operation will face difficulty.

When the tightening is complete, you must check the tension of the chain. It is okay if the chainsaw chain comes out by three/ fourth of the drive links. The chain should be restored immediately without any trouble. But if there are no such reflections, you need to adjust the tension.

Moreover, you need to roll the chain. It should run smoothly. But never move it in a reverse direction while checking. It may cause jam in chain components. In that case, you have to get professional support.

What Are The Benefits Of A Chainsaw Chain Tightening?

Tightening a chainsaw chain will provide you a large number of benefits. Some of the most notable ones are here.

  • Improved Performance

The first thing you will get an enhancement in the overall performance. When you tighten the chain, it will easily penetrate different surfaces. So, your work will get an improvement. Besides, the chain will also remain in a stable state.

  • Time Reduction

At the same time, the chainsaw chain tightening will reduce the working hours. As the chain will move faster, it will cut down the time almost in half. Thereby, you can spend the rest of the time for other productive jobs.

  • Increases Longevity

The other benefit is the durability of the chain. Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of the chain. As a result, you need not change the chain after a regular interval. It will also have some positive aspects on your bucks.

What Are The Safety Precautions Should Consider?

Safety is the other issue that you need to focus on. Many of the users are unaware of the fact. So, they turn the victim of the physical injury. Thereby, you should follow the safety measures below.

  • Use Gloves

The chain is made from sharp metal. Handling them in bare hands may result in untoward injuries. Experts, thus, suggest wearing gloves before tightening the chainsaw chain.

  • Handle With Care

Besides, you must remain careful while handling the chain. A loose chain may come out of the bar without any prior signal. So, when you are pulling down the chain, pull it with care.

  • Use The Right Tool

Moreover, using the wrong tools may also cause trouble. A small screwdriver might not enter the tightening point. And entering the driver with force may even break the parts. It is wise to use the perfect tool to tighten the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long it takes to tighten the chainsaw chain?

If you can do it correctly, it will take less than five minutes. The process is so simple. Using the operation manual may help you in this regard.

2. What is bad tension?

A bad tension refers to the slag state of a chainsaw chain. Under this condition, the chain hangs from the bar. Any operation becomes tough. Even the chain may come out from the bar with force causing damage around.

3. How often should clean a chainsaw chain?

Cleaning a chainsaw chain is a must after every work is done. So that it will extend the life of your chainsaw.

Last Words

Using a chainsaw, many of the cutting jobs turn smoother. With an adequately tensioned chain, the users can perform optimally. Thus, this is highly important to tighten the chain in the right manner.

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