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How To Cut A Circle In Wood With A Jigsaw? | Step By Step Guides

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To cut a perfect circle or semi-circle in a plank of wood is not an easy task. It is an art. Many tools are available for doing this artistic activity. But a jigsaw with a bit of prep work and a steady hand is the best option to do it satisfyingly.

A jigsaw is one of the few tools specifically made for cutting curves, perfect circle and semi-circle, and even for chopping a perfectly straight line in the wood. However, if you want to learn how to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw, this very guide will surely help you.

Necessary Items For Cutting A Circle

  • Ideal Jigsaw Blade

A blade is the most important element for executing the task comfortably. And for that, choosing an appropriate blade is mandatory. A scrolling jigsaw blade is the most popular one in this regard. The more thinly the blade, the more useful it is.

  • Drafting tools

A variety of instruments is available for marking a circular-cut jig. A pushpin, pencil, or string is the basic tool.

To inscribe a perfect circle, a compass is a technical instrument. A drafting compass, beam compass, or standard compass helps to mark out an accurate circle. A large-circle scribing compass helps to measure a large circle measurement. 

You can also choose a trammel head or a template for doing a perfect marking of a circle.

Process of Cutting a Circular Internal Cut Out

For internal cut-out, follow these step by step procedures.

  • Mark the cutting line
  • Mark the center of a circle
  • Inspect the blade
  • Drill a starter hole
  • Cut the circle
  • Use a circular cutting guide

Let’s get the detailed procedures by following the below steps:

  • Mark the cutting line

Apply standard compass or beam compass to mark the circular line. There is a waste side within a circle. This waste side must have ample space to finish the cutting nicely.

  • Mark the center of a circle

Use a pencil to mark the middle point of the circle. It is mandatory while you choose a template rather than a compass.

  • Inspect the blade

The shape of the blade must be straight down vertical and square. Use a demo check and take a speed square. Be sure that the blade is not bent.

  • Drill a starter hole

For starting the cut with the jigsaw, make a drill on the marked cutting line. The hole in the wood must be large enough for the jigsaw blade to be fit perfectly.

  • Cut the circle

Place the jigsaw blade in the hole. Then start cutting the line. The jigsaw shoe must be entirely in contact with the surface of the wood.

Try to maintain a steady and consistent speed while cutting. A focused mind with a pair of steady hands, in this case, makes the circle cut according to the marked line.

  • Use a circular cutting guide

A circular cutting guide makes the circle extra perfect. Make a lock attached to the jigsaw shoe. Ensure that the pivot point of the cutting guide is in the middle of the circle.

How to Cut a Circular Piece of Material?

It follows the same procedures as the cut of a circular hole in the wood. But in this case, the waste side is not on the inside of the circle. It is on the outside of the circle.

While making the starter hole, the drill must be done outside of the cutting line. The hole must have ample space for the jigsaw blade to be adjusted. Start cutting the piece outside of the marked line. To get a perfect circle, make sure the blade is externally in touch with the marked area.

In this way, you can cut several pieces at once. It is easier when you use thin material. In case of thick material, ensure the drill makes holes through all the stacked pieces large enough that the jigsaw blade can fit the starting cut area easily.

How to Cut Small Circles with a Jigsaw?

The smaller the circle, the smaller the radius. It makes the cut a little bit tough. To make this job easy, use relief cuts. Cut straight lines near the edge of the cutting area. It makes it easier to cut the tighter curves area smoothly.

Lack of proper attention can be a result of passing the cutting line. So be careful while making relief cuts. For safety, maintain a little gap between the edge of the circle and the relief cuts.

Trim the side area with the jigsaw to finish off the structure.

How to Cut Straight Lines with a Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is for mainly cutting non-uniform structures and curves. To cut a straight line, normally use a table saw or circular saw. But if you do not have any other choice, a jigsaw can be used if necessary.

With jigsaw tools, you can cut not only wood but also plastic, metal sheets, ceramic tile, and even laminate. It is capable of doing crosscuts and rips cuts in various kinds of material.



Essential Elements Required for Cutting

For marking the straight line, collect a measuring tape with a marker (chalk or pencil). A set square or a ruler is also a basic component to maintain the line to become straight perfectly.

Clamps will be the best choice to support the wooden pieces. It prevents the pieces from moving while cutting.

Blade Recommended

A quality blade is a prime choice in this regard. The blade flex tendency must be less to avoid the chance of an uneven cut.

The thicker jigsaw blade has low flex. It is used for cutting the hardest of materials. So choose a wide, rigid, and long thick blade to finish the job.

Process of Doing a Shorter Straight Cut

Follow these step by step procedures

  • Measure the piece with a measuring tape and mark the line with a pencil or marker.
  • A framing square helps you to get a perfectly straight line. Alternatively, a speed square does the same job.
  • Inspect the alignment of the blade.
  • Set the blade near the cut and switch on the jigsaw.
  • Go along with the marking line.
  • Make the cut as steady as possible and do not force the saw.
  • Confirm the stability of the workpiece. It ensures the piece to be held tight until the job is done.

Process of Doing a Long Straight Cut

Follow these step by step procedures

  • Use a fence for the jigsaw.
  • Band the straight-edge at a certain gap. It measures the gap between the side of the blade and the edge of the shoe.
  • Press the switch on the button and cut at a moderate speed.
  • Adjust the speed if necessary. 
  • Do not put more pressure on the saw; the blade will do the work.

And Finally…

Hope this article helped! This piece of the article should be enough to teach you how to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw! But still, if you have any doubts or confusion, make sure you hit me up through the comment section. Happy woodworking.

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