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How to Cut Rock with a Tile Saw? | Step By Step Guides

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Who doesn’t love to create an innovative look at their home? And tiles, ceramics, or stones can add a creative look to your home. You need to cut these materials in order to use them in your home interior. But do you think an ordinary saw can cut these hard materials?

If you use a circular saw, then the material will not give you the perfect shape as well as it will get damaged. In this regard, a tile saw can give you the best solution.

Over the years, you have heard that a tile saw can cut rock but never experienced it on your own. In this article, I am going to teach you how to cut rock with a tile saw. Follow the below steps to perform it without any hassle.

Step by Step Procedure to Cut Rock with a Tile Saw

  1. Choose a strong and sturdy surface to set up the tile saw. A diamond blade will let you cut the rock using a tile saw. So, insert a diamond blade into the tile saw. Diamond blades are specially designed to cut hard materials. The edge of these blades are soft, and you will be amazed when you learn that, the diamond blade will cut a rock, not your finger. I am not joking; it is true.
  2. Your tile saw has a chamber in it. Fill the chamber up with water. If you intently look at the design of a tile saw, you will find a pump at the top of the blade. This pump will keep the water running, and thus the blade and the stone will remain wet always.
  3. Take a container, fill it up with water and sink the stone into it for a few hours.
  4. Everything is now ready to start the work. Please take out the stone from the water and supply it to the tile saw blade through the tile saws carriage system. Based on the stone size, you can easily adjust the carriage system. Tightly hold the stone using both of your hands and feed the stone through the running blade.

Tile Saw In Action


Things to Consider while Cutting Rock with a Tile Saw

You may find the above steps easy, but there are few considerations that need to be taken care of.

Considerations are:

  • Time to time check the water level of the reservoir. You need to fill the reservoir if the water level goes lower.
  • Forcefully don’t try to cut the stone and don’t push them through the blade. If you do so, you may end up with uneven cutting.
  • Mark the rock. It will give you even and smooth cutting.
  • If the blade speed is not at the top, don’t start cutting, Wait until the speed reaches its top.
  • To cut the rock, don’t use any other blade except a diamond-tipped blade.
  • Make sure to use safety features like goggles, gloves while performing the cutting with a tile saw. The process creates massive dust and dirt that may create harm to your eyes, other body parts and encumber your inhalation.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I Use a tile saw to cut obsidian?

Answer: Yes, you can cut obsidian. But, diamond cutting is required to perform this action.

2. Can the tile saw cut quartz?

Answer: Generally, a regular tile saw can’t cut quartz. But a wet tile saw, and if the blade is diamond-tipped, then the tile saw can easily cut quartz.

3. What is the benefit of using a wet tile saw?

Answer: Wet tile saws are using advanced technology to cut a tile. A wet tile saw is able to cut an array type of rocks, between the range of 0 – 67. A wet tile saw is affordable in price, and it will give you a different level of cutting experience.

4. Is it possible to cut glass using a wet tile saw?

Answer: All you need to do is, use a glass cutting saw to cut glass using the tile saw.

And Finally…

The interior of your home will drastically change once you use stonework to decorate your interior. Initially, you may find the process of cutting a rock complicated, but the process will become straightforward if you choose to run the process using a tile saw.

Tile saw blades are convenient and easy to use. Blades will not do any harm to your fingers for sure. Design your home using different types of stones and give a glam look to your interiors.

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