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How To Start A Chainsaw | The Basics To Explore

The applications of a chainsaw are multifarious. But unfortunately, mainstream users lack the knowledge of starting a chainsaw. So, this is important to know the starting method of a chainsaw. Unless you are well aware, you may fall victim to serious physical injuries.

Considering the ground, you will get instructions about starting a chainsaw. Once you are experienced with the process, wood cutting would be more comfortable. Besides, you will remain safe all the time during the operations.

As the majority of the users prefer the gas-run chainsaw, the guidelines are for that device only. Here the instructions are.

Safety Precautions

The most crucial issue is safety while using a chainsaw. You will need the following safety gear.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Protective clothes
  • Safety Helmet

6 Major Steps Should Follow Starting A Chainsaw

Besides these six major steps, you should follow before starting a chainsaw which are:

Step-1: Read The Manual

In the first step, you have to read the operation manual. The majority of the chainsaw manufacturers provide the operation manual for the end-level users. The manual describes lots of valuable information. Checking online videos is excellent. But going through the manual will give you the more necessary information.

Step-2: Check Safety Gears

In this second step, you have to check the safety gear. Ensure you wear gloves and other apparatus. The gloves will protect your fingers while the goggles will protect the eyesight. Moreover, you have to use safety boots as well to prevent injuries to your leg.

Later, you have to check the security system of the chainsaw. Almost every chainsaw has its respective security system. You need to check if the chain brake. If the chain brake is not engaged, engage it. It will help the chain to prevent kickback. Check the button and push it to the start position.

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Besides, you also need to uncover the saw. Usually, a chainsaw chain is covered with a protective cover. Before the operation, you need to discover it. The process is simple. You have to pull out the cover from the chain of the chainsaw.

Step-3: Decompression Valve and Pumping

Now, you have to use the decompression valve. If there are no decompression valves available, you can skip the process. But you have to pump the primer to remove air from the gas line. Simply, pumping the primer will do the rest. It will remove the air inside and help to flow the gas to the carburetor.

Step-4: The Choke

If your chainsaw comes with a choke, you have to activate it. If there are no chokes, you can get rid of the step. The choke helps to heat the engine before the applications.

Step-5: Positioning

This is one of the essential steps. A large number of chainsaw users ignore the process. They hold the chainsaw with their hands and start it. Some of them face severe injuries. But placing the chainsaw on the ground will help to gain a secure position.

Thus, you have to place the chainsaw on a flat surface. Make sure; the position is safe for you. Sometimes, the chainsaw may have a shake during the starting process. The grounded area will help to prevent the shakes.

Now, hold the chainsaw tightly. Place your right foot on the lower part of the chainsaw’s handle. And use the left hand to hold the front handle. Feel the grip. If this is strong enough, you can move to the next phase.

Step-6: Start The Chainsaw

All the preparations are complete. This is the time to start your chainsaw. Pull the starter rope. If you are lucky, the machine will start with the first pull. But if it does not begin with the first pull, pull the cord a couple of times. You can feel the desired noise of running the engine.

Things To Avoid Before Starting A Chainsaw

Before starting a chainsaw, you have to avoid certain things. They are explained in brief here.

  • Avoid drop start – many of the users start their chainsaw with one hand. But this may result in negative consequences. The kickback may cause injury to the individuals. So, you must skip this process of starting a chainsaw.
  • Weak loop holding – besides, you need to hold the starter rope firmly. If you have a soft grip, it might not produce the right force to start the engine. Moreover, the weak loop holding is associated with higher risks.
  • Wrapping starter loop on the wrist – sometimes, the amateurs wrap the starter loop with their hands. This is another risky way to start a chainsaw. Any failure to hold the loop may cut your hand severely. You may also need amputations as well. Thereby, be cautious about this particular issue.
  • Not checking the bar – moreover, people tend to start the chainsaw immediately. So, if there are some woods or chips stuck in the chain, it may cause injury. Thereby, you need to check the chainsaw bar and chain. It will prevent you from getting injuries from the chips or any other sharp objects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long it takes to start a chainsaw?

It takes around two to three minutes to start a chainsaw. At this time, you have to make all the necessary preparations.

2. How can I start an electric chainsaw?

Well, the process is almost similar. For an electric chainsaw, you have to connect the device with a power outlet. And the remaining process is the same.

3. What injuries may happen if I do not wear protective gear?

First of all, you may fall victim to physical injury. The chainsaw chain may pull out and hit you. Or any sharp part of the chainsaw may injure you severely. The chainsaw chain may pull out at high speed and hit your head or other body parts.

4. What size chainsaw do I need?

There are different sizes of chainsaw available in the market. It entirely depends on your wood cutting nature. If you are on home improvement, the lightweight chainsaw would do better. For larger projects, the chainsaw would be bigger in size.

Final Words

Knowing how to start a chainsaw will help you in many ways. If you follow the process above, you will not experience the starting troubles. And the wood cutting would be a great and smooth experience for everyone.

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