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How To Use A Reciprocating Saw? | Step By Step Guide

Since most of our interns start their journey from scratch. We need to provide the proper guidelines, regarding different saw machines. That’s why we have to create diverse teaching techniques. And all of them stay inside a secret drawer. But over the time being, we realized it should not be there.

Instead, it should be free for all so that learning becomes more comfortable. Thereupon, we decided to reveal one of our “how to use a reciprocating saw” instructions.

Inside the guideline, a newcomer will meet the following 5 major things, which are:

  1. How a reciprocating saw looks like
  2. Applications of the reciprocating saw
  3. Ways to utilize a reciprocating saw
  4. Maintenance of a reciprocating saw
  5. Proper safety tips before using

5 Major Things Should Know Before Using A Reciprocating Saw

1. How a reciprocating saw looks like

In this section, we want to clear the query in a sentence which is: a reciprocating saw is the reflection of a “power drill” the power drill has long steel made steel. On the other hand, this machine has a long sharp blade.

2. Applications of the reciprocating saw

At this second stage, we have attempted to provide a detailed idea of the reciprocating saw by explaining its applications. So, the plans are:

  • Heating, ventilation, air-condition, and plumbing use

This saw is invented for solving the judicious trimming, cutting issues. For example: during the time of plumbing, a plumber has to work in a tight space. In that situation, cutting a tiny part becomes tough. For settling the issues, the plumber uses the reciprocating saw. Likewise, the HVAC service provider ensures a flexible room for balancing the inner and outer air.

  • Window adjustment

The next application is mostly seen during the window fittings. Such as: when the fitting experts fit a window, they need to trim an inch or two for placing the window into an expected area.

And this is the toughest job so far. For reducing the toughness, the experts depend on a reciprocating saw. As a result, the placement becomes better.

  • Emergency rescuing mission

The third and final application of this saw is seen in emergency rescue missions. At that time, the demand for a portable machine is enormous. And this saw works great for cutting doors or critical objects since the option of using various types of the blade is significant here.

Apart from earlier said applications, there are furthermore areas where this saw can be used. And the object of using the machine is the same in those different areas.

With that saying, we feel that; it is high time to share the instruction of “how to use.” Therefore, the thing goes like these:

3. Ways to utilize a reciprocating saw

So, the third stage has divided the using methods into bullet points to provide a better understanding. So the user instructions are as follows:

  • Blade selection

Before starting the use of reciprocating saw, we advise selecting a blade first. For choosing that, it is essential to choose the area that the user wants to cut.

Still, if there is confusion in choosing the right blade, there here are some instructions:

    • Delicate toothed leaves are perfect for cutting the metal.
    • The coarse toothed blade is perfect for clipping the wood pieces.
    • For resizing the cast iron, ceramic type tiles, and stone, the toothless blades are adequate.

By remembering the earlier said bullets, one can easily select the desired blade. Now, moving to the next sections.

  • Equip the blade

After determining the proper blade, the next step is equipping the edge in the blade channel. For that, place the last end of the blade inside the exact blade slot and fasten that with them clamps.

Afterward, recheck the blade setting for avoiding accidents.

  • Set the shoe position

By following the previous steps, we hope the user has set the blade and prepared for the next steps. And the action is fixing the saw angle.

For example, If a user wants to trim a particular part, then adjusting the shoe at a proper angle is the prior task, for confirming an ideal cut.

  • Start the cut

Since all the preparation has done, one can now start the cut by pressing the switch. This is how a newbie can perform its first use of the reciprocating saw.

Most of the DIY workers have confused and they thought jigsaw and reciprocating saw are the same. Before going to the maintenance section, let’s review the topic on difference between reciprocating saw and a jig saw. So that confusion will be clear at once and will get a clear concept.

4. Maintenance Of A Reciprocating Saw

After knowing the using procedure, a beginner should also see the maintenance guideline. Because learning the maintenance procedure can help to adopt the skill faster. So, the next steps are:

  • Checking the blade sharpness regularly. It is better to change the blade after noticing the inabilities.
  • Following the user manual could be an excellent option for ensuring proper maintenance.
  • Proper voltage should be ensured before using the machine. So, checking the voltage guideline is the prior thing.
  • Clean the entire machine, after each use.
  • Since the tool has no water resistance, keeping it in a dry area can enhance the machine’s lifetime.
  • Solvent or rough chemical cleaner can harm the tool, so avoiding that could be a wise decision.

So, By utilizing the maintenance guideline, a newbie can make sure of the life-long durability of their tools.

5. Proper Safety Tips Before Using

Besides the tool upkeep, the user has to concern about personal care. For that reason, the self-safety tips are included here:

  • Changing the blade will be more comfortable while the machine is not plugged in with electricity. Otherwise, there is a risk of an accident.
  • Using the goggles, earbuds, hand gloves, and masks are recommended for personal safety.
  • Since this machine does the demolition job for reducing the surplus, the user needs to be concerned.
  • Don’t touch the reciprocal blade after an immediate cut. Because the blade stays hot at the time.


Through the discussed ways, we try to educate our interns. As well as revealed the secret teaching method. In this process, we believe a newcomer can learn faster and master the art of sawing. If the article “how to use a reciprocating saw” helps the reader to understand the basics of the tools, then we are satisfied.

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