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How To Use a Pole Saw | A Complete Beginner Guide

Before advancing to this article I would like to have some words to put light on about the pole saw to make you familiar with it. Furthermore, there may have questions in your mind if this article will be proved as a satisfactory answer provider to all your questions. Well, I can assure you that when you will be at the end of the article you will have proper information regarding this saw and its uses.

It has specific and basic kind of features attaching a saw on the finish line of a pole. It is essentially used to cut things that are beyond reach. If we use a hand saw to cut trees in a traditional way we need to use a ladder to reach its branches. But here a pole saw meet these challenges and that is the reason to have a large pole attached with it.

Types Of Pole Saw

Though pole saw is a plain tool but can be categorized in a few ways. Generally, we can see four classifications based on its features like power sources and blade modes.

  • Gas-powered pole saw
  • Electric pole saw:
  • Cordless pole saw
  • Manual pole saw

A brief outline has given here for your glimpse. So, let’s start.

  • Gas-powered pole saw

It is the most prevalent and potent model among other categories. This easy to use model attracts professionals for its heavy cutting powers. In gas-powered, the average size may vary depending on models but on average it is 6 feet in size approximately.

On one end of this saw a gas-based power engine is attached and on the other end there is a little chainsaw blade for heavy cutting. As it needs regular cleaning so it always consumes 25% more labor than other categories. According to experts 80% gas-powered pole saw will run in the range of 32 to 34ccs.

  • Electric pole saw

The main feature of this saw is that it gets power through electricity. All you need is to plug its cord into any electronic extension and thus you are ready to start your trimming task. To complete a small pruning job it is specially made for and that’s why its blade size limits from 6 to 10 inches on average.

On the other hand, its cord is limited to 100 feet for electricity sourcing. The weight of the electric pole saw is 5 kg approximately. In most cases, we say that the electric pole saw uses an 8 amp motor.

  • Cordless pole saw

Its name reveals its feature and that is it has no cord for electric extension. So it gets its required energy through a rechargeable battery. Running time depending on the power of the battery varies from manufacturers to manufacturers but on average, its running time is up to 1 hour approximately. Most of the manufacturers use Lithium-ion batteries for long-lasting durability and quality running time.

  • Manual pole saw

The oldest model among all categories, the manual pole saw doesn’t need power. People operate this by hand and they work with it to their advantage. It is has a pole and a hacksaw blade with it to cut mainly the branches of trees. Generally, the professional manual pole saw can be 22 feet long but doesn’t consume heavy power.

The Major Ideas To Use A Pole Saw

To have the best outcome from a saw some ideas that should be exerted for better performance.

  • At first, you should have a clear idea regarding the tree and the working zone. So have a look at it when you are going to start your work. Make a detailed plan and have a way to execute it based on your pre-analysis.
  • Before starting your cutting work just clear the area. It will be a better idea if you seal the total area or prohibit entering the working zone. Cutting trees or branches sometimes appears as a dangerous fact. That’s why making the work zone calm and clean is very essential.
  • Check your saw before starting the work with it and also have a look at all the safety measurements. You must put on some Personal Protection Equipment. Don’t use any saw if it is defective.
  • You have to have specific criteria and measurements regarding the cutting spot. It will ensure the quality cutting process without any hassles. Be sure with our measurement and it will be better if you re-check it before starting the work.
  • Be sure about your position, hold the saw properly. By standing well in position you can ensure your safety. Being well-balanced you will have a comparative advantage to execute your plan and process.
  • Puts your saw in the vertical position and control the weight by using your hands. Don’t bend your body too much and keep your eyes on the marked spot.
  • At first, be sure you have put the blade of the saw on the exact spot you have already marked to cut. Start the first whack slowly and thus make a notch on the wood. When the saw goes completely on the notch you have just made then you can fast your cutting process.
  • To avoid the risk of being injured by the cut-off branches use your saw at 60-degree angles from horizontal. Keep an open space to move on easily while cutting the branches. Don’t carry any weighted things while cutting branches of trees.

What Are The Facts You Should Consider Before Buying A Pole Saw?

Just before you buy any saw, everything you need to know about the best pole saw and obviously, you should consider some facts to define the best one. You may think these following factors to have the best quality and suitable for you.

  • Branch Size

At first, you have to consider the size of the branches or trunks. Note down that the more the branches are thicker, the more powerful saw will be needed to make the job done nicely. It is definite that among all the types and available models in the market all are not suitable for the heavy task and may not be used for a powerful section.

The branches are a big factor to take into account. The scenario of the work zone is not the same everywhere and the task may vary accordingly. So be sure about the branch size and match it with the available saw in the market.

  • Features Of Pole Saw

We have already discussed the various types of pole saw. Each type has different purposes and services. So it is your call which purpose you are willing to full fill through these types. The features of these different saws must be a good point to consider. For this, you have to think about the exact weight to power ratio.

On the other hand, manufacturers usually think 2 to 3 feet for arm length and usually, the offers that kind of saw to the market. They keep the height at 10 to 12 feet working height. Many manufacturers include features to extend furthermore. There are also some more considerable features. You may look for anti-vibration features, a non-slip grip, and a self-oiling chain. So the choice to buy may depend on the feature variation.

  • Your Budget

Your budget is the ultimate decision provider to buy anything. Like other customers, you may look for the best quality product at a reasonable price. For this reason, when you are up to buy one then you have to match your features requirement with your budget.

The price may vary from brand to brand. Details market analysis can help you find the best pole saw for you. The working purpose should have a clear match with your budgets. You do not need to buy an expensive one all the time.

Frequently Asked Question’s

1. Can a Pole Saw work on large trees?

Yes, a pole saw can work on any large trees. It can cut hardwood to big palm trees.

2. How big of a wing can a Pole Saw cut?

Normally a pole saw can cut up to 8 inches diameter of a wing easily.

3. Will you use lubrication on your pole saw?

Lubrication enriches the durability and performance of your pole saw. So, you should regularly lubricate your pole saw.

4. How far does a pole saw extend?

The length of the pole saw varies from model to model. But on average a pole saw’s lowest length is 6 feet which can extend some more.

5. What is the longest pole saw?

The longest pole saw is Silky 179-39 which can be used for any landscaping wants.

6. What is the durability of a pole saw?

It also varies from brand to brand. But experts say a pole saw on average performs 2-3 years.


A pole is a wonderful instrument to have the trimming and cutting done easily. But it always keeps in mind that working with any saw may appear as dangerous things if you ignore or forget the safety measurements.

So don’t go-ahead to work with it until you are sure if you can handle it properly. Always remember that controlling a saw is not so hard nut crack. But all the stability and safety lies only on your skills and capability.

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