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Jet Vs Grizzly Bandsaw – Which One Is The Best? | SawsPoint

If you are a pro-jigsaw guy who thinks jigsaw is the answer to all your curve-cutting problems, think again. That’s because bandsaws can easily outperform jigsaws for resawing, curve-cutting, and circle-cutting timber. Thanks to its huge and obviously better design, curve cutting had never been easier.

Now, when it comes to bandsaws, two names pop up in no time – Grizzly and Jet. These are two of the most renowned brands that produce industry-quality bandsaws. This is exactly why newbies fall into the dilemma of choosing between these two. Jet vs grizzly bandsaw – which one to go for?

Today, we will be reviewing two models from each brand to find out which one out of these two outplays the other.

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX vs JET JWBS-14DXPRO

The first comparison here will be the Grizzly Industrial G0555LX vs JET JWBS-14DXPRO. Let’s start with the Grizzly Industrial G0555LX first, followed by the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO.

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX - 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

Although the Grizzly G0555LX 14-inch bandsaw comes with a slightly larger profile, don’t panic. It’s totally worth the money, as the machine’s frame, is made from heavy-duty cast iron. Apart from the frame, the table itself is made from sturdy cast iron to make sure it’s durable enough to live by the sand of time.

Then again, the fence of the table is crafted from durable aluminum, too. Although the aluminum-made fence does offer stability and sturdy build quality, you have a miter gauge on it to ensure you can have a precise measurement every time.

Coming to the powerhouse of the bandsaw, the machine is fueled by a healthy and strong 1 HP motor. The voltage capacity of the motor allows both 110V and 220V connections. This means you can easily connect it to your household power output for quick DIY work. As for the commercial connection, the 220V works perfectly fine.

This 1 HP powerful machine offers rotation from 1800 FPM to 3100 FPM when it comes to blade speed. This indicates that whatever goes through the blades comes out precisely cut and shaped. Thanks to the 6-inch blades that offer amazing sharpness.

The best part is, that you get a wide cutting capacity of 13.5 inches. This makes it pretty easy for you to place any size of the wood piece in it and get a nice cut. As for the effective dust collection that is produced as a by-product, there’s a 4-inch dust port to take care of it.

As the height from the floor to the table measures about 43 inches, it’s pretty much comfortable to work with. You can conveniently use it while standing with no need to put effort to reach out.

What We Like
  • The frame and table is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron
  • Powered by a 1 HP motor
  • The blade speed ranges from 1800 to 3100 FPM
  • Its cutting capacity is 13.5 inches for a greater cutting space
  • The fence includes a miter gauge for perfect measurement
What Needs To Be Improved
  • A riser kit for resawing is very much missed in this model

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14" Deluxe Pro Bandsaw

Now, if you’re already impressed by Grizzly’s performance, wait for the JeT JWBS-14DXPRO for its showtime. Although design-wise, you will see a minor difference between the two, they are not equal in a number of manners. However, the build quality is still impressive in this unit, too.

The entire machine’s frame and overall body are made from heavy-duty cast iron. This means the machine is perfect for long-term use without a doubt. As for being a cast-iron device, it hardly attracts rust and corrosion, so you are also safe on that part, as well.

Speaking of long-term support, you can’t be so sure, except for the fact that you have a superior motor running your system. That’s exactly the case with this bandsaw, as it is powered by a 1-¼ HP motor. This powerful motor can move the blade at an amazing rate of 1500 to 3000 FPM. Yes, although the bandsaw is designed more for woodworking, you can still use it to cut steel materials, as well.

The cutting space you get is a great win here. You get up to 13.5 inches of wide cutting area to place any size of the wood piece. Simply use the knob on its side to raise or lower the blade to make room for the wood you are working with. There’s a locker on its side to lock it at the exact point you want.

As for the dust collection mechanism, you are in luck. Although most bandsaws in the market act miser, in this case, Jet bandsaw offers you a 4-inch dust collector port in this device. So, no more messy workstations!

What We Like
  • Powerful 1-¼ HP motor
  • Up to 3000 FPM of blade movement
  • Long and wide cutting space of 13.5 inches
  • 4-inch dust port for effective dust collection
  • 2-Speed poly-v belt drive system
What Needs To Be Improved
  • It doesn’t come with a fence for protection

Grizzly Industrial G0561 vs JET HVBS-712D

Our second comparison will be between Grizzly Industrial G0561 vs JET HVBS-712D. Let’s start with the Grizzly G0561, followed by the Jet HVBS-712D.

Grizzly Industrial G0561 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0561 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Grizzly did keep its quality up to the mark with the G0561 Metal-cutting bandsaw. As you can tell by the name of the machine, it’s a heavy-duty cutter that can cut metal pieces. So, if you are looking for something beyond a wood-piece cutter, this should be your primary choice. Apart from that, the larger machine comes with a 1 HP superior, powerful motor to get it going.

Speaking of its powerful motor, it allows both 110 and 220V power output. This means you can conveniently use this machine at your house, too. If you are not planning to place this machine in your workstations, the 110V output support will be of great help to place it in your garage.

That being said, the machine is crafted as a simple, one-piece device. The entire machine is crafted from heavy-duty steel to keep it sturdy. Again, the wheels you find on this device are made from cast iron, which says a lot about how rugged the build quality of this device is. Note that with the heavy-duty ball bearings on this, as well.

One of the most useful features of this machine is its automatic shut-off feature. This is really quite important as machines sometimes can go nuts and things can go out of control. At this point, if there’s any mechanical or electrical failure, the machine will turn automatically off. This will save it from getting damaged, and you will be saved from any type of physical accident.

Moreover, the identical machine features a coolant system for its blades too. What this feature does is it prevents the blades from becoming too much hot, so that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. This is because it’s common for high-performing blades to become hot during the operation.

What We Like
  • A powerful 110/220V motor
  • Adjustable blade guides for precise blade placement
  • Advanced blade coolant system for damage-control
  • One-piece base made from steel
  • Automatic shut-off system to prevent damage
What Needs To Be Improved
  • It makes a bit of noise that won’t be appreciated by many

JET HVBS-712D Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

Jet HVBS-712D Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

Now, Jet tools come up with another surprising pick – the HVBS-712D. This one is unique in and of itself because of its impressive design alone. The first and foremost obvious uniqueness you will notice is its four wheels on the bottom. These wheels are covered by 8-inch rubber for convenient movement. You get excellent mobility with this device.

As for the build quality, the machine is a sturdy one for regular use. The blade wheels that you find with the device are made from flanged cast iron. That means it’s pretty serious about the long-term health of these parts.

Again, the table measures around 9 X 12 inches, which is also designed in an infeed style. This extends the area of work, and you can place it in both vertical and horizontal ways. There you have a wide and comfortable working zone.

The blades can be placed at different angles, from 15 to 30, and 45 degrees. To help it stay firm on the settings, the machine comes with a quick-lock mechanism. This easy-to-use mechanism makes it pretty easy to set it up and get going in no time.

Similar to the Grizzly G0561, this one also has a coolant system for the hot blades. This system makes sure that the blades don’t get hot enough to make a mess and cause damage to the quality of the construction.

What We Like
  • Blade wheels are crafted from flanged cast iron
  • Four wheels covered by rubber for easy movement
  • A quick-lock mechanism for easy positioning of the blades
  • Larger 9 by 12 inches infeed table for easy operation
  • It has a coolant system to manage the blade’s safety
What Needs To Be Improved
  • The floor to table height should have been a bit higher

Grizzly Vs Jet Bandsaw – Which One Is The Best?

Although the sole purpose of users to compare two different brands is to choose one over the other, it’s not always easy to pick one from the two best choices. Jet and Grizzly are two top brands in the bandsaw industry that produce some of the industry-leading devices.

If you have gone through the reviews we have done here, it will be evident that Jet tools should be on your priority list for mobility and safety.

As for the blade variety and convenience of operation, Grizzly tools come out as a winner here. So, depending on your demand, you should choose wisely.

Final Words

It’s not that difficult to choose between Jet Vs Grizzly Bandsaw when you know what you are looking for. Both of these brands are well-known for producing top-quality band saws that offer versatility, blade variety, and motor power. However, as you have seen, there are a few grey areas where both brands take pride in uniqueness.

That’s why you can choose any of the brands for your next project without any issue. Simply calculate your needs and demands before you pick one!

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