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3 Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw Reviews and Buying Guide 2023 – SawsPoint

Tired of your rusty, corroded chainsaw? Thinking of getting a new piece?

All of us who have been working with chainsaws know very well that navigating the best chainsaw leading the woodwork is no less than felling a tree. That’s why you need experts to help to get yourself a chainsaw worth it!

If you’ve been an active working man, you know how acing Poulan Pro has been. And guess what? This super-informative article consists of some top-grade Poulan Pro Chainsaw reviews that are worth your glance.

In this article, we have attached a buying guide that has included every point and information that you have to consider before putting your hands on any chainsaw. This review has compared the best creations of Poulan Pro so that you can go for the cream of the crop one!

At a Glance, Our Top Picks

Best Value (Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw)

Key Feature:

  • 20 Inch 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  • Powerful and easy  starting
  • Low weight and equipped with OxyPower engine
  • User-friendly with a reasonable price

Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw

Editor’s Choice (Poulan Pro PR4016 Chainsaw)

Key Feature:
  • 16 Inch 40cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  • Great value compared to the money.
  • Excellent in Quality
  • Dependable starting and running history

Poulan Pro PR4016 Chainsaw

Budget Friendly (Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw)

Key Feature:

  • 18 Inch 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  • Easy starting
  • Can cuts as good as any other saw of its size
  • Comfortable and reasonable price

Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Chainsaw

As you’re going to get the very first chainsaw for your workstation, you don’t know how to go for the best one, right?

Don’t worry! We understand your panic and that’s why we’ve chronicled some vital points that you should review while putting your hands on your brand-new chainsaw.

To make your buying experience a tad easier, we’ve been through piles of research and surveys. Even we’ve contacted some of the experts and purchasers for understanding the plots of the chainsaw market.

After all that brainstorming, we’ve come here to present to you the top 10 points that you have to consider while purchasing the Poulan Chainsaws.

Let’s have a look first at what list of top 10 points needs to know before purchasing a chainsaw:

  1. Purpose of Your Purchase
  2. Size of The Engine
  3. Portability
  4. Price
  5. Size
  6. Brands Reputation
  7. Vibration
  8. Safety Measures
  9. Guide Bar
  10. Other Features

So walk through it for clearing all your confusion.

1. Purpose of Your Purchase

Why have you decided to buy a chainsaw? That’s the most important question. For experiencing a smooth job, you need to be sure which kind of work you’re dealing with.

Choosing the right saw for the right job is the most important factor that you have to make sure of before spending your money on any chainsaw. ‘The bigger, the better- doesn’t always go in every case.

If you’ll delimb large branches or you gotta fell medium/large-sized trees, then gas-powered saws are the best bid for you. Similarly, bucking small or medium-sized trees a role played nicely by the gas-powered chainsaws.

The bar length of the chainsaws also has to be chosen based on what sort of chore you deal with. The largest bar is not the one, that is the best. In fact, every work required a specific size of the bar.

2. Size of The Engine

In cases of gas-powered chainsaws, the size of the engine or motor is measured in cubic centimeters. One basic thing is that the higher the cc the chainsaw has, the greater power it’ll provide. But the trade-off is heavier in weight.

The gas-powered engine comes in a range from 23cc to 120cc. According to the experts, maximum homeowners will be okay with an engine that ranges from 30cc to 45cc.

The engine of the chainsaw is pretty the backbone of the engine. Most of the cheaper chainsaws include an engine that becomes warm within a moment of working out.

But Poulan Pro chainsaws are not on that list. Poulan chainsaws are pretty good options if you mainly focus on the engine of any chainsaw. If your first purchase, then you can spend your riches on Poulan Pro chainsaws.

3. Portability

The purpose of your purchase greatly depends on where do you work. If you’re into stuff where you’re bound to take your chainsaws towards different locations then, it has to be portable and easy to carry.

While working in woodland areas it is the best option to use gas-powered chainsaws. Gas-powered chainsaws usually produce comparatively less noise. Even, filling up gas and oil is comparatively less painstaking than going for a portable generator.

In such a case, a battery-operated chainsaw might not be a good option. Maybe someday when the battery goes out, you can’t finish your work seemingly.

Contrarily, electric chainsaws are the best option if you live in the suburbs. Suburbs are an area where people are sensitive to noise. In that case, going for an electric chainsaw is pretty the best decision.

4. Price

Squandering all your riches on a chainsaw isn’t certainly something that anyone prefers to do. You can splash out tons of riches by purchasing a chainsaw, but it’s not worth anything. In fact, you can get yourself a top-notch chainsaw with a budget under 200 bucks!

The range of your desired chainsaw greatly depends on what sort of features you’re looking for. For part-time getting the right chainsaw for under 200 is not a big ask!

5. Size

As we’ve been chanting, the size of the chainsaw also depends on your requirements. If you’re ready to sacrifice liberal space for your chainsaw, then a larger version is in!

Just have a glance at the height, weight, and width dimensions of the saw before you purchase it. If you’re someone who frequently travels from one place to another for work, then buy yourself a slender piece. But if your work is fixed in one area, buying a bulky one is okay.

6. Brands Reputation

Brands like Poulan Pro, Stihl, Echo, and Husqvarna are doing great in the chainsaw business. They are standing out very well in their business. Especially, Poulan pro vs Husqvarna has been the recent debate among the experts as well.

Anyway, we would never suggest that you be the slave of any brand. There are many underrated brands that are manufacturing stunning pieces within a very budget-friendly range. And they’ll surely not pinch your pocket as well.

But one very good part of purchasing a branded item is that it gives you the chance of questioning back if anything goes wrong.

7. Vibration

If you’ve dealt with a heavy-duty, vibrating chainsaw previously, you know how cumbersome it is to handle such a chainsaw. Hence, there are some brands that have manufacture some premium-quality, vibration-proof keeping your needs on their priority list.

If you feel that dealing with your chainsaw’s vibration is too irritating for you, why not getting an anti-vibrating one?

8. Safety Measures

If you go through some youtube videos, you’ll understand why we’re pointing out this fact individually. Working with a chainsaw not safe enough is no less than a deadly shot.

We would kindly prefer you to go for only those brands that can assure your sound health and hazard-proof operation. Otherwise, a terrible outcome may follow you to your far future.

9. Guide Bar

You can measure the size of your chainsaw guide bar from its top to the place where the saw comes out and represents the real chopping length. Chainsaw bars generally measure from 6 inches to 42 inches.

The bigger guide bar is certainly not the best. If utilized properly, a 12” bar can perform better than a 20’’. But as you assume, the longer diameter can let you cut the wood in a single try.

Contrarily, a smaller lengthen of diameter comes with some risks of ‘pinching’ and may lead to some possible kickbacks. The size of the saws can be categorized into three sizes-small, medium, and large.

Small ones usually measure from 6 to 14 inches and they can be used brilliantly for trimming chores. Even light cutting and pruning can also be executed by this specific size. Cutting and trimming smalls sized trees are also on the list of such chainsaws.

The medium ones range from 16” to 20”. The bars of medium ranges are able to execute every range of chores like light storm loss clean-up and medium-sized wood chopping.

Last but not the least, the large bars are used for cutting fire-woods or felling large trees.

10. Other Features

Even after looking at the features and characteristics mentioned above, there are some extra features that you gotta notice.

Many companies offer customers to enjoy chainsaws that come with a heated handle. If you live in cold weather, then these amazing features will work wonders!

A carry box along with your chainsaw will not definitely come in handy. You’ll be able to keep your chainsaw inside is to protect it from rust and corrosion. The case will also come in handy for carrying the chainsaw to several destinations.

The Top 3 Poulan Pro Chainsaw Reviews

If you scroll through the internet you’ll get tons of Poulon Pro Chainsaw Reviews, but not all of them will render you the A to Z of it. Just go through this masterpiece and you’ll understand why we told you to.

1. Poulan Pro 16-Inch Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 16 Inch Chainsaw

Looking for a medium-duty chainsaw? Then no other chainsaws can beat this A-1 one! This amazingly manufactured piece will cut the trees and tinder-like butter. Cutting massive trees is no longer a time-consuming chore with this alluring piece of wonder.

Cutting firewood, handling medium-duty chores or felling trees will no longer fill you in a catch-22 situation if your include Poulan Pro PR4016 in your toolbox. The engine of the chainsaw is the very first thing that we notice while buying a new one.

The engine of this chainsaw is 40cc, 2 strokes with 16” that’ll aid you a ton to struck off any wooden tinder easily. So, stop looking at a random chainsaw that includes an engine that puts you in flames.

The scrench, standard handle type, and 2-stroke oil included with it aid a lot to get your work done finely. I don’t think you will find any other chainsaw brand that offers so much such a price!

Now let’s talk about oil efficiency. Many customers have come up with a concern that their gas chainsaws are more likely to consume too much fuel. But Poulan Pro PR4016 includes a contemporary OxyPower Technology that cuts of more than 70% fuel emissions and ensures 20% less oil consumption.

The Super-clean oil filter system guarantees that you can get your tight hands against fuel emission without major power consumption as well. It features an automatic oiler that lubricates the bar and chain seemingly.

When it comes to handling and comfort issues, none of us is ready to compromise. For which Poulan Pro PR4016. The vibration-proof style along with ergonomic design makes this chainsaw the first choice of every working man.

If you’re worrying that the chainsaw might be very heavy and bulky to handle and carry, then you’re wrong! This lightweight and easy-to-carry chainsaw by Poulan Pro will not discourage you to carry it to places.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, less maintenance chainsaw; This one’s your game changer!

  • Lightweight and slender
  • Vibration-proof system
  • Requires less effort
  • Reduced toxic emissions
  • Ergonomic manufacture
  • Long-lasting engine
  • Roped tend to come out
  • Carburetor needs adjustment

2. Poulan Pro 18-Inch Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 18 Inch Chainsaw

Not a pretty fan of the first one? Take a look at the second one. No wonder why Poulan Pro PR4218 is on our top list! If you’re puzzled about making the right choice about getting the brand new chainsaw for your workstation, have a glance at the features of this piece.

Poulan Pro chainsaws have always been a reliable brand to pay your riches and so it this Poulan Pro PR4218. It’s been gaining tons of positive reviews from the working peeps.

If you weren’t satisfied with the previous bar length of the chainsaw powered by Poulan Pro, check out this one! This Pauloan Pro chainsaw has been praised mass by the users for its 42 cc, 2-stroke engine.

Felling and cutting trees never seemed like a safe task to most of the peeps. Thanks to Poulan Pro PR4218 that woodwork doesn’t seem that laborious and lethal anymore. Your safety is no longer a matter of compromise with this Poulan Pro Chainsaw!

The manufacturers who make Poulan pro chainsaws have made for medium-duty chores. If you’ve been involved in medium-duty trees, woods, pines, and construction works, then this awesome sauce is your cup of tea.

This masterpiece offers you a patented Oxypower technology that lets your experience super less fuel consumption. This A-1 chain saw also cuts off the toxic outcome of harmful toxins from your daily labor.

Wondering what on earth can provide your Poulan Pro chainsaws well-formed filtering system? The superior filtering system manually inserted in the Poulan pro chainsaws makes it easier for you to get it filtered like a boss!

The gear-functioned oiler also keeps the bar and chain of the chainsaw lubricated well. I believe you won’t find any other brand so friendly as this one! This mind-boggling chainsaw curtails maintenance, unlike the mainstream chainsaws.

Uncomplicated starts with fewer cords is a dream of every worker. The EPS (Effortless Pull Starting) has made this dream come true for every one of us. The easily usable purge bulb adds a bit more to the reliability of this chainsaw.

Super comfort and value for money- everything in one is pretty the other name of this Bomb is powered by Poulan Pro! If you’re not a fan of vibration along with any chainsaw, then this might be the right choice for you.

  • Gear-driven oiler
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Super filtering system
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Air filtration method added
  • Not for heavy-duty chores
  • Requires maintenance if kept idle

3. Poulan Pro 20-Inch Chainsaw Review

Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw Review

Last but not least come to the 50cc chainsaw brought to you by Poulan Pro. Poulan Pro PR5020 is one of the greeted inventions ever executed by the Poulan Pro. The maneuverability of this heavy-duty Poulan Pro chainsaw is matchless!

Many of us expect a bit more power from the Poulan Pro chainsaw for executing any task virtually. Keeping your necessities on the priority list, we’ve manufactured Poulan Pro PR5020 with OxyPower engine technology for extra power.

Now cutting down pull force for up to 30%, the Poulan Pro has structured an effortless pull starting system in it. Now grabbing an easier starting and reduced wear is no longer a big ask!

There is a combi tool in the rear handle so that your experience of maintaining the chainsaw is not a messy job. And the purge bulb rendering the carburetor with fuel curtails the risk of damage and makes the chainsaw a tad easier to start.

The safety features and user-friendly choke/stop control lets the user enjoy fast-starting like never before. The uncommon characteristics have beautifully garnished this Poulan pro-20-inch chainsaw review.

This 50 cc chainsaw is a great bid if you’re serious about executing your tough jobs like a boss. Having a lightweight yet more powerful and robust chainsaw is no longer a bridge too far for the purchasers!

The OxyPower engine also provides lower emissions with a soft start and purge. Lower fuel consumption is also a great facility that you’ll get to experience if you put your hands on this alluring piece!

Poulan Pro chainsaws are mainly gas-powered chainsaws that come with 2 heavy-duty stroke engines. And their very own EPS (Effortless Pull-start System) ensures minimal cord-pulling exertion.

Now clean-up chores, firewood chopping of tree felling will no longer require any extra assistance. Trust me, We are offering you a money-saving premium piece! Give it any yard, any task- it will execute it like a snap!

Poulan Pro PR5020 has been snatching all the thumbs up and positive reviews from the purchasers. If you still doubt its quality, you can trach to any of its recent purchasers. This masterpiece won’t disappoint you.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Integrated combi tool
  • Fast starting and reliability
  • 20 percent less fuel consumption
  • Requires fewer pulls
  • The bolts may loosen very often
  • Warms up quickly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to learn to operate a chainsaw?

There are several great sources of operation manuals about the chainsaw. You can find many of them on the internet and on YouTube.

Anyways, we’ll brief you about the basics.

Place the chainsaw on the flat ground and turn on the start button by o pulling it. Use your left hand for holding the handle of the chainsaw. And place your right foot on the rear handle at the same time

But make sure that you’re going to have a safe operation before starting it.

2. What sort of safety equipment is necessary while operating a chainsaw?

According to the experts, proper clothing is necessary before using a chainsaw for ensuring total safety. Such steps will safeguard the user from massive and dangerous injuries.

You can choose a hard-bitten, snug-fitting attire before executing your tree feeling work. But make sure that the attire is comfy enough.

3. How to start the chainsaw if the engine is cold?

There are some steps to starting it in that case. Let’s tell you what –

  • Pull the choke lever out
  • Press the primer multiple times (3 to 8 is preferable)
  • Pull the starter for running fire. A chainsaw with primer may require fewer pulls
  • Drive the blow choke lever in the off situation
  • Continue to pull the saw unless it starts.

4. Do you need to break in a chainsaw?

Have you bought a new chainsaw? We have an idea for you then. It would be best for you if you break it in before any cutting project.

If you use something that is normally very heavy or dense like wood, there is a chance that your chain will ruin.

So, after buying it, increase the amount of oil in the chain, start your chainsaw at a lower speed without cutting anything for about a few minutes, turn off the chainsaw and let it stop, at last, examine the chain’s tension on the last time before running.

5. How long should a chain in chainsaw last?

A chain in a chainsaw does have a life expectancy of more than five years with frequent use, but if you are an irregular user, you can have it with you for more than decades.

Hence, there is no exact expiry date for the chain in the chainsaw. Life expectancy mainly depends on its usage of it. The more you use it, the more it will get deteriorated.

Wrapping It Up!

Poulan Pro has always been one of the most trustworthy names on which you can fully rely on. And this Poulan Pro Chainsaw review is a great example of this statement as well.

We have toiled very hard to collect appropriate information and safety measures so that you guys don’t be in any trouble. Is this your first time thinking about getting a chainsaw for your workplace, you can blindly trust Poulan Pro.

Not every brand in the market is worth your trust and belief. But this enigmatic one is worth your every penny. If you have no interest in a second purchase of a chainsaw after some periods getting a new one, trust us!

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