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Scroll Saw vs Band Saw | Which One Should Pick?

Have you ever notice, when you type scroll saw or band saw on the search box of either in Amazon or any search engine, here show both types of saws as a suggestion instead of showing any single one? That is the reason that sometimes it creates confusion. They look similar, but their working procedure is not the same.

So, firstly, it is significantly essential to know what type of project you are going to handle. And secondly, what are the dissimilarities and matches of a scroll saw, and a band saw. The answer to these questions will assist you in selecting the right budget saw as per your requirement.

In this article, I have discussed the topic “Scroll saw vs Band Saw” which one is the best for your needs? What is the difference? What are the uses and advantages?

So all the great questions answer you will get from here and in continuation to this, I have added a comparison table so that you can avoid reading lengthy paragraphs.

“Scroll saw vs Band Saw” – What is the Difference?

Definition of Scroll Saw

A scroll saw will help you to cut clean and intricate curves, and the power source of this device is electricity. To operate a scroll saw, you will find a paddle that is nearly similar to a sewing machine. This saw contains a squeaky countering blade that can oscillate up and down. The blade is ¼” thick, and 5” long. Also, it is placed vertically on the top and bottom of the surface.

Scroll Saw In Action

Scroll Saw – usage and advantages

  • Scroll saw is used to create a complex design that can’t be done using a band saw.
  • Impressively safe to use, even a 7-year old boy/girl can perform with this saw without any hassle.
  • You can get intricate cuts using a scroll saw.
  • It features a table tilting option; you can perform angled cuts efficiently.
  • Scroll saws are consisting of bright light and a blower to keep the surface of a scroll saw away from darkness and dust respectively.

Definition of Band Saw

If you are seeking a versatile tool that can add vibe to your tools list, a band saw will be a great choice. Similar to a scroll saw, a band saw can cut irregular cuts, curves but the best feature of this saw is, it is an efficient tool to cut thick woods (maximum 12”). Even, you can cut metal also with an appropriate blade and TPI. This tool is vertically oriented and consists of 1 upper wheel and 1 lower wheel on which a strident bending blade is driven evenly across the table similar to a two-wheeler chain.No vibration is there in a band saw because it is not oscillating up and down as a scroll saw.

Band Saw In Action

Band Saw – usage and advantages

  • A nice toothed blade of a band saw can easily cut non-ferrous type materials such as aluminum, copper and to name a few.
  • To cut meat and timber, you can use a band saw.
  • If you want to create curved legs, use a band saw without any hesitation.
  • Using a band saw, you can cut logs into lumber.
  • “Re-sawing” operation will be considerably smooth if you use a thick and aggressive blade in a band saw.

Comparison Between Scroll Saw and Band Saw


Scroll Saw

Band Saw

Tabletops Consists of a table that can be tilted. You can tilt the table of a band saw too.
Portability Lightweight and easy to carry. Heavier than a scroll saw, but the movement of this tool is not so difficult.
Motor Motor speed is variable. Fixed motor speed.
Locking Key It doesn’t contain any turn on/off locking key. It contains a turn on/off locking key and without pressing the switch, turning it on/off is impossible.
Price Comparing to a band saw, it is affordable. Expensive.
Noise Creates less noise. Comparing to the scroll saw, it is noisier.
Power cord A scroll saw is grounded because it has 3-point power cords. Similar to scroll saw.
Dust collecting drum You will find small dust collecting drum that is placed at the bottom-most of the scroll saw. Large-sized dust collecting drum is available at the bottom-most of the band saw.
Accessories It can’t take any additional accessories. It comes with a variable miter gauge.
Crosscut-sled Scrolls saw can’t take a crosscut-sled. It can contain a crosscut-sled. However, you need to make it of your own.
Safety Highly safe and secure. Using is very safe too.
Cut-able material Up to 2” material, it can cut without creating any problem. Maximum 12” thick materials, a band saw can cut.
Blade i) A built-in pin-end blade.

ii) Once you use it for a few months, the blade will become dull.

i) It has a specific length of the in-built belt.

ii) The band saw blade lasts longer.

Final Thought

Let me give you a summary about scroll saw vs. band saw

Purchase a scroll saw if

  1. Your project consists of sharp cutting and complex cuts.
  2. You need a handy tool that can give you long hours of service.

Purchase a band saw if

  1. Your project is to cut thick blocks up to 12”.
  2. Woodworking is your profession.

I believe, you already said “bye-bye” to your confusion regarding a scroll saw and a band saw.


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