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Table Saw vs. Miter Saw | What is the Difference?

When you are at the market and looking for the right woodworking tool to get your job done, you might know what tools will be the best for your job. But sometimes, you need to compromise with the budget, and the below questions play in your mind.

  1. Which one should I buy, the table saw, or miter saw?
  2. As a beginner which tool will be the best suit for my woodworking or carpentry task?
  3. I have a table saw, do I need to purchase a miter saw tool?

The above three are the most common questions, and more questions are also out there in your mind. However, in this article, I will give you the answer to these questions with some in-depth research.

 So, let’s begin the discussion.

A Quick Comparison of Table Saw Vs. Miter Saw

Before going to the brief discussion, let’s find out a precise and resourceful comparison table first.


Table Saw

Miter Saw

Versatility You can perform different types of tasks using this tool. Specially designed for trimming and angular cutting.
Cutting type Cutting related to ripping, crosscuts, and angular. Cutting related to miter, crosscuts, and bevel.
Working principle The blade position is fixed and moving stock. Vice versa of a table saw working principle. The blade position is moving and fixed stock.
Accuracy Perfect. Precise performance.
Designed for whom Woodworkers. Carpenters.
Safety Risk if an accident is average. Highly safe.
Built for Making furniture and cabinet. Framing work, base molding.

Significant Differences Between a Table Saw, and a Miter Saw

The significant difference between these two saw is based on their usage, working process, portability, and accuracy. Let’s see!


A table saw will fulfill your purpose for cutting tools. Means, a variable number of cuts, a table saw can do correctly. Generally, a table saw is well efficient in performing crosscuts, ripping, and angular cuts.

For precise crosscuts, a miter saw is the best tool than everything. Based on the model, a miter saw can give you 6” – 8” crosscuts.

Working Process

In a table saw, you will get a rotating blade and you need to move the wood-pieces against the rotating blade to get an accurate cutting experience. In a miter saw, the wood-pieces will be fixed on the table, and you have to carry the blade on the wood-piece to perform a cut.


In terms of accuracy, a miter saw is better than a table saw. If you want to get bevel cuts of different wood-pieces and softer materials such as plastic and others, choose a miter saw to get a precise cutting. However, a table saw also can do similar cuts but with a table saw the chance of making a mistake is high. Also, the table saw will take a long time to complete the cut.

Also, to perform crosscuts, a table saw needs additional accessories like a miter gauge and sled. Otherwise, getting a precise cut will be challenging.


A miter saw is highly portable, and you can carry it from one place to another. For professionals, it is mandatory to carry their cutting tools to their job place. However, you can carry a portable table saw too, but they are heavyweight and carrying is difficult.

Currently, the miter saw comes with a rolling stand that is handy enough to carry.


Usually, the price doesn’t make much difference between a table saw, and a miter saw. You need to pay nearly the same price while purchasing a table saw, or a miter saw. But note down that, the price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Your online store or nearest hardware retailer may ask a different price for a table saw, and a miter saw.

Final Decision

For the general purpose of cutting like, large boards of woodcutting, accurate cutting of long rips, etc. a table saw is the best choice. A table saw can perform efficiently when you need to cut a large amount of wood, and it will let you save your time too. Although, table saw also can perform a similar cut as a miter saw does but as I said it requires additional accessories which are quite time-consuming and mistakes will go high as well. However, if you are a beginner and a woodworker, then invest in a table saw.

On the other hand, if you want precise bevel and miter cuts, choose a miter saw without hesitation. Building home windows, door framing, etc. are perfect work examples and you will get benefit from using a miter saw while performing these types of precise works. So, if you are a carpenter and already own or comfortable with a table saw, purchase a miter saw for their extreme level of usefulness.

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