What Size Chainsaw Do I Need? | Buying Guide For Beginner’s

The applications of chainsaws in woodcutting, trimming or removing tree logs or branches are on the rise. But often users are in trouble. They ask experts – What size chainsaw do I need? Well, the issue needs a solid answer. Getting some ideas about the buying process will help them know about size and shape.

Honestly, the size or shape of a chainsaw depends on types of woodcutting jobs. One size does not fit everyone. Similarly, you cannot use a single chainsaw for every task. You need to bring variation. Besides, the chainsaw chain is also unable to penetrate in all surfaces.

Therefore, the information below will help you to get your chainsaw like a pro buyer. Explore them.

What size chainsaw do I need?

To determine the size of your chainsaw, the following guideline would prove helpful. Considering the needs, experts have categorized the chainsaws into three categories.

They are:

  • For light wood cutting
  • For regular wood cutting
  • For special/ heavy duty wood cutting
  • For light wood cutting

When you are planning for light woodcutting, the chainsaw performance is lower. The light wood cutting basically refers to cutting tree branches or other maintenance. So, the cutting bar is less than 14 inches. Besides, those chainsaws are available in different operative modes.

They are safer too. Since you are not using them for massive actions, you can easily rely on them for minor activities.

For Regular Wood Cutting

The chainsaw comes with a cutting bar with a length of around 18 inches. Generally, they are frequently used for woodcutting. So, homeowners and other users need a larger cutting bar. They can go through thick woods or logs.

Besides, such chainsaws are available in several models. You can have the gas-powered one alongside the electric one. Based on your budget, get the one that meets your needs. They can cut down a moderate-size tree in pieces.

For Heavy-Duty Wood Cutting

For the commercial-scale woodcutting, the cutting bar should be over or around 20 inches. They can enter into the deep of extensive woods and logs. Most of such more extensive woods are used for commercial maintenance.

But handling the larger chainsaws is tough. So, if you plan to have one, get some extra cautionary measures.

Considerations Before Buying A Chainsaw

A notable number of chainsaw users lack the right know-how to select the best one. As a result, they experience some detrimental impacts. However, if you have some additional ideas about a chainsaw, you can get the right one. So, few ideas noted down for your convenience.

Types of Jobs

The first thing is to know the kinds of jobs you have planned. Without knowing the classes, this is unwise to grab any chainsaw. If you need some home improvements, the chainsaw speed, power, and overall capacity will be less.

But if you plan some commercial activities, the chainsaw would be different. The battery, engine power, chain, bar length, size, etc. all are different. But there might be some features in common.

Chainsaw Weight

At the same time, you need to consider the weight of the chainsaw. Many of the chainsaws come with great weight. Holding the chainsaw for long becomes tiresome. Besides, with the heavy-weight saw, this is not possible to finish the cutting efficiently. So, you have to consider the weight as well.

For large-scale operations, weight is not a consideration. There are ways to hold them correctly. When you are cutting woods for home improvements, the situation becomes tough to hold.

Chain Brake

Besides, the chain brake plays a vital role in wood cutting. When you are cutting woods, you might need to stop the chain all of a sudden. In that case, you have to apply the brake. But make sure you check the brake position.

The brake should be in the right position near the handle. When there is an emergency, you can stop it instantly.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism of a chainsaw should be convenient. Some of the chainsaws come with a cord-pulling way to start. Besides, there are some saws that have a kicking mechanism. No matter what the way is, it should be convenient for the users.

Thereby, it is ideal for getting a look before you have the machine. Have some mock trials of starting the engine. If it appears convenient to you, get it. Or if you feel trouble, move for the next one.

Battery-run, Electric or Gas-powered?

Both types of chainsaws have their merits and demerits. For instance, using a battery-powered chainsaw will give you liberty. You can move the machine to anywhere you want. But this is not possible with the electricity-run chainsaw.

In opposite, you may need to charge the battery in the middle of the cutting. At times, it becomes impossible to stop the job. The chainsaws with electricity operation will help better here.

The critical issue is to select the type considering your needs. When you are for minor scale operation, grab the battery-run chainsaw. But if you need consistent cutting, the second one will do better. You have to arrange a power outlet in your working area to keep it operative.

However, the most convenient is the gas-run chainsaw. There are no such issues of running out of battery or power. You can check the gas and refill it accordingly. There would be no interruption amid your cutting jobs.

Frequency of Use

Besides, you also have to consider the rate of using the chainsaw. The features and flexibilities mostly depend on using frequency. If you use the device more, it will require more maintenance. The scenario is the opposite of less applying chainsaw.

Thereby, you have to get the product that suits your needs and needs less maintenance.


Mobility is the other issue that most of the users ignore. They get the chainsaws over the features and pricing issues. But considering the movement will help to get some better experience. Often you need to move the chainsaw here and there.

So, a gas-run or battery-powered chainsaw will do better. It is wise not to select the corded one if you need to be on the move.

Noise Reduction

Moreover, noise is another issue to ponder on. Generally, a chainsaw makes an unusual noise. So, people around you might feel a sense of irritation. The electric chainsaws make less noise during operation. The users who seek noise-free operation can opt for it.

The manufacturers have added mufflers to reduce the noise. The other types of chainsaws do not have a muffler. As a result, they make unnecessary noise during the wood cutting.

Safety Features

Safety is the other important issue. A chainsaw can cause severe damage to the users if they are unaware. In opposite, this is not possible to remain careful all the time while cutting woods. So, the chainsaw should come with sufficient safety features.

The brake should be easily accessible. And there should be clear instructions about the safety measures. Ensure you have noticed all the safety measures before you have the piece.

Few Safety Tips  

Troubles occur when the users are unaware of the safety issues. They also lack the right guideline for safety in operating a chainsaw. So, a few important aspects are explained here.

Wear Safety Gloves

The majority of the accidents take place as the users skip gloves. As a direct result, they experience several types of injuries. But wearing gloves during the operation can reduce accidents. Experts recommend using gloves always while cutting woods with a chainsaw.

Checking The Chain Tension

Moreover, many of the users experience bad chain tensions. It leads to pulling out of the chain automatically. Besides, there are different types of accidents due to bad chain tensions. The best way is to check the chain tension. Adjust the chain accordingly as it takes less time (not more than five minutes).

Getting The Right Chainsaw

Some of the users do not have the correct type of chainsaw for wood cutting. They deploy the machine which is not suitable for the jobs. Consequently, they are in a mess. Holding a giant machine for a minor task causes unnecessary troubles.

Moreover, it leads to different types of serious accidents. As a chainsaw user, you have to know your wood cutting type. And accordingly, use the chainsaw to finish the job safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size chainsaw do I need?

Answer: It entirely depends on your wood cutting nature. If you are on home improvement, the lightweight chainsaw would do better. For larger projects, the chainsaw would be bigger in size.

What batteries are used for chainsaw?

Answer: Generally, the lithium-ion (also known as Li-ion) batteries are used in a chainsaw. But there are nickel-cadmium batteries too. The key difference is that the Li-ion batteries charge faster than the cadmium ones.

Do I need protection while cutting the woods?

Answer: Of course, you need to use protective gear while cutting woods using a chainsaw.

Last words

Undoubtedly, you get some additional knowledge after reading the article. Now, it would not be tough for you to get the perfect chainsaw for your next use. Wishing you luck.

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